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Norma Uni 10121 Pdf Download

Norma UNI 10121: What is it and how to download it?

If you are interested in the design and installation of separation structures for sport facilities, you may have heard of the norma UNI 10121. This is a technical standard issued by the Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione (UNI), the Italian national standardization body, that specifies the requirements and tests for such structures, especially for football stadiums. In this article, we will explain what this norma is, why it is important, and how you can download it.

What is norma UNI 10121?

The norma UNI 10121 was first published in 1992, with the title "Sport facilities - Separation structures - Football stadiums - Characteristics and tests". It was divided into two parts: UNI 10121-1, which defined the general requirements and classification of separation structures, and UNI 10121-2, which specified the characteristics and tests for different types of structures, such as fences, gates, barriers, and nets. The main purpose of this norma was to ensure the safety and protection of spectators and players from falling, rolling, penetrating, or sliding through the separation structures. It also aimed to prevent interference with the sport activity and to comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Interior, the European Union, the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee), and the FSN (National Sport Federations).

norma uni 10121 pdf download

The norma UNI 10121 was based on the results of experimental tests conducted by the Istituto Superiore Antincendi (ISA), the Italian fire prevention institute, on various types of separation structures. The tests measured the resistance of the structures to static and dynamic loads applied by human bodies or objects. The norma also provided guidelines for the installation and maintenance of the structures.

The norma UNI 10121 was withdrawn in 2009, when it was replaced by the norma UNI EN 13200-3, which is part of a European standard series on spectator facilities. The new norma has a broader scope than the previous one, as it covers not only football stadiums, but also other sport venues, such as athletics tracks, swimming pools, ice rinks, etc. It also introduces new concepts and criteria for the design and evaluation of separation structures, such as visibility, comfort, accessibility, durability, etc.

Why is norma UNI 10121 important?

The norma UNI 10121 was important because it established a common technical reference for the construction and certification of separation structures for sport facilities in Italy. It helped to improve the quality and safety of such structures, as well as to harmonize them with the international standards and regulations. It also contributed to the development and innovation of new materials and technologies for separation structures.

The norma UNI 10121 is still relevant today, even though it has been superseded by the norma UNI EN 13200-3. This is because some existing sport facilities may have been built or renovated according to the old norma, and may still comply with its requirements. Moreover, some aspects of the old norma may still be useful or applicable for specific situations or needs.

How to download norma UNI 10121?

If you want to download norma UNI 10121 in PDF format, you have several options. One option is to visit the official website of UNI , where you can search for the norma by its code or title. However, you will need to register and pay a fee to access and download the document. Another option is to use a third-party website that offers free or low-cost downloads of technical standards . However, you should be careful about the quality and reliability of these sources, as they may not be authorized or updated. A third option is to use a library or an institution that has a subscription or a license to access UNI standards. For example, some universities or research centers may have online or physical copies of norma UNI 10121 available for their students or staff.

Whichever option you choose, make sure that you respect the intellectual property rights of UNI and its authors. You should not distribute or reproduce the document without permission or citation.


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