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HAEVN - We Are (Upclose Concert) __HOT__

The addition of guitarist Tom Veugen and drummer David Broeders rounded out the band, and on 17 September 2015, they held their first performance at the Dutch travelling music festival Popronde. In October 2015, the radio station NPO 3FM proclaimed the band a "Serious Talent". Following this, the band's concert at the Paradiso (Amsterdam) on 21 May 2016 sold out in 4 days.[1] They were nominated for an Edison Award in 2016 and a 3FM Award for Best Newcomer. Both "Finding Out More" and "Bright Lights" ended up in the top 20 of the Song of the Year chart and at the end of December 2016, "Finding Out More" entered the Top 2000, placing at number 1,321. The song made the list again in 2017.

HAEVN - We Are (Upclose Concert)



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