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Best Place To Buy Window Treatments

On the hunt for new window blinds for your home? You probably know the size you need and the material you prefer, but where should you start your search for the product itself? There are hundreds of window blinds retailers out there looking to sell you the perfect window treatment solution. Advertisement THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT EDITORIAL CONTENT. Please note that we do receive compensation for any products you buy or sign up to via this advertisement, and that compensation impacts the ranking and placement of any offers listed herein. We do not present information about every offer available. The information and savings numbers depicted above are for demonstration purposes only, and your results may vary. Local Window Installers To Transform Your Home

best place to buy window treatments

Besides the style of blinds available, you also need to consider the size options: do you need custom window blinds or will standard sizes work for your home? If you have an older home or a home with non-standard windows, you will need to choose a retailer that offers custom blinds, designed to perfectly fit. Advertisement THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT EDITORIAL CONTENT. Please note that we do receive compensation for any products you buy or sign up to via this advertisement, and that compensation impacts the ranking and placement of any offers listed herein. We do not present information about every offer available. The information and savings numbers depicted above are for demonstration purposes only, and your results may vary. Are You Looking To Replace Your Windows?

Also, consider the warranty options available for your new window treatments. Some manufacturers will offer a limited lifetime warranty that covers the repair or replacement of broken parts for a certain length of time. If you are spending a large amount of money on new blinds for your home, you should prioritize securing favorable warranty terms.

There is no limit on the selection of window blinds you can find on Amazon. If you have a unique request for a specific color or material, Amazon is a great place to check, with the added bonus of fast shipping. Keep in mind, you will need to read the reviews from each individual seller to make an informed purchasing decision.

Style, material, and size are largely a matter of personal preference and your home's specific needs. With that in mind, we've done the research and testing to share our recommendations for where to buy blinds and shades. Whether you want inexpensive window treatments you can install yourself or custom blinds installed by the pros.

The Shade Store is undoubtedly pricier, but it also has more custom options and the customer service is unrivaled. My current apartment has oversized windows of nonstandard sizes, window frames with ledges that make blinds hard to fit, and the windows open both from the top and the side, adding extra hurdles. Several other places I spoke to had a hard time finding us the right option for our unique situation, but The Shade Store made it a breeze.

Blindster is an online-only shop featuring custom shades and blinds at highly competitive prices. Like, it does not offer measuring or installing, but it's this DIY approach that may save you thousands of dollars on window treatments.

However, if you just need a quick solution for a standard window without much fuss, then Ikea may be your best bet. Liz Kneuven, Insider's former personal finance reporter, has an entire apartment of Ikea blinds and attests to their ease of use and overall quality. "They look so sleek and modern and were super simple to install," she says.

While JCPenney used to offer in-home custom window treatments, that option is no longer available, so be aware you'll need to do installing and measuring on your own. You can have the blinds shipped right to your door or opt for same-day, in-store pickup if available at a store in your area.

Mount type: When shopping for shades and blinds, you'll need to decide whether you'll mount them on the inside or outside of the window frame. Some windows are too shallow to allow for shades to be mounted within the frame and will require an outside mount. You may also prefer the look of outside-mounted Roman shades, for example, but be sure to closely follow measuring and mounting instructions to ensure your window coverings can be properly installed. Outside-mounted window coverings will typically allow more light to leak in through the sides and may not be the best fit for a bedroom.

You might know Wayfair more for their furniture, but their selection of window treatments is definitely worth checking out. You can shop by window type, color, length, light filtering, and features to find the perfect shade for your home. This simple light filtering shade offers a crisp look, with a honeycomb fabric design and hidden hanging hardware. Buy: Symple Stuff Desert Cellular Shade, starts at $33.99

Keep in mind that it's always best to consult with a professional to ensure you are getting the right type of blinds for your specific windows. With that said, let's take a look at our top 10 budget-friendly window blinds!

These window shades come in a range browns, greens, and neutrals, so you can find the perfect shade to match your bedroom or living room décor. These are some of our most cost-effective treatments at just $38.00.

Before you start looking for motorized window treatments, you should consider your budget. Like many other home products, there is a wide range of price points available when it comes to purchasing motorized blinds. If your budget is tight, you can find fairly inexpensive options at discount retailers or high-quality custom-made motorized blinds if your budget is more flexible. If you want to explore all of your options, there are plenty of retailers that offer a wide range of prices all under one roof!

Many homeowners prefer to buy their window coverings from a business with a physical location so they can see and feel the product firsthand. If you want to check out the motorized blinds in person before purchasing them, we suggest visiting a local window treatment store with a physical location. Although, you should keep in mind that online window treatment retailers strive to deliver a similar experience to a physical store and are aware that their customers seek in-person validation before purchasing window treatments; as a result, most are willing to ship complimentary fabric samples to your home and have flexible return policies.

We don't like to complicate things. At justblinds you won't find a neverending list of products and options. Just a small, hand-picked selection of the best window blinds at the best prices. Life is complicated. Blinds shouldn't be.

Simply upgrade to enjoy all the features of the JustBlinds Deluxe Warranty, designed to take out all the guesswork from window treatments. You'll get 30-Day Measure Protection, 30-Day Design Assurance and a 3-Year Breakage Guard. See full details here.

Smart shades and blinds are motorized window treatments that can also be controlled with a smartphone app and with voice (using a smart speaker or a smartphone assistant like Siri). They can be set up to run on a customized schedule or automated Scenes, or integrated with home-automation software, including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and Google Home.

I'll also let you know the EXACT ones I have so that you can make a decision for yourself on whether you want to replace your interior window treatments that will give your windows a facelift and replace the guilt you have for replacing those old blinds!

As a newbie, the first thing you probably did was go to a very popular custom drape store like or to put in your window measurements to get an estimate on how much window treatments could cost. And I'm sure you were as shocked as I was when you wanted to do a teeny upgrade to choose the fabric you wanted as well as features like privacy lining and cordless options.

If you are looking to add some shades to your windows, I would definitely give Arlo Blinds a try on Amazon. Arlo is a reputable company that is known for it's affordable prices and quality blinds. If you google them, you'll find them sold on Walmart and various other places as third party retailers. Trust me when I tell you that Amazon is going to be your best bet because of ease, but also because of 2 day shipping!

If you want more ideas for window treatments, below is a round up of some of the posts I have for helping you design your space with window covering options like roman shades, shutters, curtains, and drapes for your living area.

Create a Bali Consumer Account for saving swatches and room scene photos to reference on your design journey and preview window treatments on your very own windows with the Bali Window Treatment Visualizer.

Hey Alison! First sorry you dont have a Target, girl. haha! As far as mounting the shades, it just depends on what works best for your unique situation. I have some mounted on the outside of the windows and some mounted on the inside. Actually though, when I had to replace some windows recently, the new design of the windows were vinyl (not wood) and so I could no longer even mount them on the inside (didn't see a way to run a screw through the vinyl). As a result, i had to mount them to the surrounding sheetrock outside the window. What I do like about outside mounting is that you can make the window look bigger by hanging it a little higher than the actual height of the window frame. The bamboo shade manufacturer I shared in this post should give you ordering specifications on how to measure for inside mount versus outside mount. And the itty bitty curtain rod was actually from Target, but Amazon has some pretty affordable ones too.

Beaver Interiors has been serving Las Vegas and its neighboring areas for almost three decades. It offers a wide selection of window treatments, including custom draperies, wood blinds, composite wood blinds with decorative wood valances, basswood plantation shutters, and composite wood shutters with crown molding frames. In addition, its professionals make custom bedspreads, duvet covers, decorative pillows, window seats, comforters, and headboards. Beaver Interiors carries products from various brands including Hunter Douglas. 041b061a72


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