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Android 4.4 Now *can* Sync Multiple Calendars Via ActiveSync EXCLUSIVE

You can easily manage multiple calendars from one dashboard, set up events, and invite participants. You can connect Google, iCloud, and Exchange calendars. When creating an event, you can enable notifications. With Spark, you can initiate up to five event notifications.

Android 4.4 now *can* sync multiple calendars via ActiveSync

Download File:

  • Toggle the Use Advanced Settings to display additional settings.

  • Use the following settings:Email address:

  • Password: your UVM NetID password

  • Description: UVM

  • Server:

  • Domain: campus

  • Username: your NetID

  • Tap the Sign In button to add your UVM account

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager typically used in the workplace. As a well-known Email client, it also manages contacts, calendars and your daily tasks. For those who have switch from Windows phone to new Android phone, the first problem concerned is how to copy contacts from Windows phone to the new Android phone. If you were thinking to transfer contacts by the help of SIM card (type one by one), it would drive you crazy! The most advisable way is to synchronize Microsoft Outlook contacts to Android phone or by using a professional tool like Android Assistant. Today I will show you two simple solutions that you can use to transfer your contacts from Outlook to Android.


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