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[S1E2] Toy Soldier

Shortly after the war ended, some American troops arrested a German soldier as he was retreating from central Germany. He turned out to be the assistant to Hitler's personal translator. When his office was being evacuated, Dr. Schmidt (Hitler's translator) asked his assistant Von Loesch to dispose of all of his top-secret archived papers. Loesch burned most of them but secretly kept the most valuable material, hoping to negotiate his freedom and escape trial. Within that valuable material was a file pertaining to Anglo-German relations between Nazi high command and His Royal Highness the Duke of Windsor. The royal family did everything in their power to contain the files, unaware a copy had been sent to the Americans, who are now insisting the volume be published.

[S1E2] Toy Soldier


When soldier Shaun Emery's conviction for a murder in Afghanistan is overturned due to flawed video evidence, he returns to life as a free man with his young daughter. But when damning CCTV footage from a night out in London comes to light, Shaun's life takes a shocking turn and he must soon fight for his freedom once again.

On June 6, 1944, D-Day, planes with thousands of paratroopers cross the English Channel to France, where they come under heavy fire. None of the men land where they expected to, and many lose their weapons and supplies in the drop. Winters links up with solitary soldiers, and they set off to find their units. Winters (Damian Lewis) is later chosen to lead an attack on a fortified German artillery position; the mission is successful, but Winters, now acting company commander, loses his first man.

Easy Company and other Airborne paratroopers are now aboard C47s as they prepare to jump behind enemy lines during D-Day. German anti-aircraft guns are firing at the planes causing many of them to be destroyed, including Easy Company's CO, 1st Lieutenant Thomas Meehan III's plane. Massive numbers of paratroopers jump from their planes, along with 1st Lieutenant Richard Winters. During the jump, many paratroopers lose their weapons and other supplies, as well as land dull of their location. Just after Winters lands, another paratrooper named Private John Hall from Able Company lands and pairs with him. As they wander through the trees, they find 2nd Lieutenant Carwood Lipton and two more paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division; Winters, realizing that the paratroopers are scattered all over Normandy, manages to identify their location and decides to proceed to go to their drop zone. As they go, they encounter Privates Donald Malarkey and Robert Wynn, Corporal Joseph Toye, and Sergeant William Guarnere. And along the way, the group hears a horse; Winters observes a group of German forces and positions the men. Guarnere, still bothered from news of his brother being killed in action, fires prior to Winters' command, forcing the others to shoot as well. Winters reprimands Guarnere's disobedience, much to the annoyance of "Wild Bill." The men then travel on a long walk and encounter German POWs before reaching the rallying point. Malarkey is astonished to find a German-American soldier who turns out to be from the same state (Oregon) as he. As Malarkey leaves, 1st Lieutenant Ronald Speirs from Dog Company goes to the POWs. Gunshots are then heard; Malarkey then turns and visually witnesses the killings, as Speirs allows one trembling German soldier to not be shot (and survive).

Major Strayer orders Winters to select some men to assault the suspected 88mm guns inflicting damage at the soldiers in Utah Beach at a French estate called Brècourt. Winters assembles the team into two squads: one led by him and one led by 2nd Lieutenant Lynn Compton. Winters proves himself as a solid tactician, with a small force to ambush a more massive force on heavily fortified positions. Wynn is wounded in the buttocks and is forced to leave the battle, while Winters and his squad take over the first to third guns that were in fact 105mm. Winters discovers a map and decides to hold on to it, while Hall is suddenly killed by a trap. Winters sees the lifeless body of Hall, and a disappointed Winters chooses to go on. Dog Company provides backup and successfully captures the fourth and final gun, and so they retreat.

He gets no answer. Instead, a guard directs him through a door marked "Private" and down to the basement where he's hustled into a cell. Watching the jail cell camera feed in a room next door is a young nerdy-looking American called Eli Jacobi (Alexander Forsyth), who turns to his boss and says: "Toy soldier is contained, sir."

Near Clovis' G-1 Base, Lelouch is seen disguised as a Britannian soldier and uses his Geass on a soldier to gain access into the Base. On the otherhand, Kallen meets up with Ohgi and the others in a warehouse full of Elevens in order to hide from the military. Ohgi and Kallen discuss about the mysterious voice who was issuing commands and wonders why the person doesn't answer back when they try to reach him. However, they are surprised when the Britannian Military locates their whereabouts and prepares to fire at them. Before the order is given, a ceasefire is made by Clovis saving them from death.

During this time, a young norn traveled to the Black Citadel to request assistance for the defense of his homestead, Cragstead, which was recently captured by the Alliance. However, he was turned away as the charr were spread thin and couldn't spare any soldiers, but also because the young norn, named Braham, claimed he was the son of the legendary Eir Stegalkin and the late Borje the Sun Chaser. Rytlock Brimstone, not believing the norn, dismissed him as a liar and sent him to Hoelbrak.[11] When Braham arrived at the norn capital, he was again denied any aid by Knut Whitebear. The leader of the norn capital feared that the city would be the next target and preferred not to scatter the forces away from the city. Whitebear decided to reinforce the defenses of the city instead of sending men out in the field. Braham was later discovered to hold resentment towards his mother Eir for reasons unknown. He later chose to retake his homestead with only a few allies on his quest. Braham was able to retake Cragstead with the Commander's help, however many were taken hostage[12] to an unknown location, but ultimately bolstered the homestead's morale.

During the election Ellen Kiel's history as a child was revealed. It was revealed that Ellen lost her parents in a shipwreck as a child, and was saved by the hands of the Lionguard, specifically Magnus. This led to Kiel looking up to Magnus as a father figure and would not disappoint him. She owed her life to Magnus. Likewise, some of Gnashblade's history came to fruition. It was discovered that Evon came to Lion's Arch as a soldier of the Ash Legion at the age of twenty, with his warband's mission to extort the people under the banner of the Black Lion Trading Company. Evon believed the plan would not be fruitful,[43] and so killed his war leader, Aria Gnashfang, in open combat and established the Black Lion Trading Company 'properly'.

While traversing the tower, illusions and hallucinations continued to blur the minds of its victims leading them astray. Lady Kasmeer Meade took the lead, knowing the effects of illusions better than the average soldier.[67] The tower was discovered not to be a fortified location, but a wall covering the huge toxic plant on all sides. The tower was created to defend the plant until its full purpose comes to fruition, which at this time, is unknown. It was revealed that the tower was being defended not only by the newly created Toxic Alliance, but also by Aetherblade pirates, Molten Alliance, and clockwork minions. In the meantime, Durmand Priory Scholar, Ela Makkay was able to conclude that the krait joined with the Nightmare Court fringe group because they were given obelisk shards as proof of the returned prophets. She further analyzed that the obelisk shards have similar magical radiation to that of the Bloodstones.

Later on when William and El Lazo have killed all the soldiers Logan sits among the corpses and watches William interrogate a young soldier. When the soldier proves useless he kills him, by shooting him and then stabbing him in the throat. Logan seems disturbed by this, looking away and complaining about it.

Meanwhile, Daemon (Matt Smith) is stirring up trouble just for the hell of it. He somehow snuck back to King's Landing from Dragonstone, where he's been squatting for six months, to steal a dragon egg. This isn't just a cute scaly petnapping, but rather the theft of a weapon of mass destruction, and Otto assembles a battalion of soldiers to get the egg back.

Like all the clone troopers, Cut Lawquane was created and trained on Kamino with the purpose of serving in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. He was a loyal soldier who believed in his purpose.

We don't say this lightly: This episodes stands alongside "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "Full Metal Jacket" as one of the best stories about how war really works. (Even though the speech about how most soldiers don't fire their weapons might be totally wrong.)

His road to making what became the #1 film in America was circuitous. A graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University, he joined the Air Force, then moved to Mexico and worked as a portrait painter, then moved to San Francisco where he wrote short stories and made short films while driving cable cars. The job offers he received in Hollywood didn't rise far above parking attendant, so he moved to Holland, studying astronomy and taking classes at the Dutch National Theatre. In Paris he adapted his work into French, and made a feature film: "La Permission/The Story of a Three Day Pass" (1967), about an affair between a French woman and a Black U.S. soldier. It won a critics' prize at the San Francisco Film Festival. 041b061a72


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